No Cost Design Consultation

We offer cost-free design consultations and go over any design ideas with our potential clients. This helps eliminate hassles down the road and tells us what they exactly want. We walk them through the process and give them valuable ideas. We also do 3D renditions of the new space they are looking for with exact materials and colors. 3D Drawings are provided at a cost to the customer.

Personalized Color Selection

You can bring your favorite color into your home with Harrison Kitchens and Baths. We can match any paint color once you have finalized, and apply that paint. This allows you to end up with the perfect color for your kitchens and baths!

Style and Form

With our personalized styles and form options, you can have your custom-designed kitchens and baths or any style or form you desire. Match your decor, complement your walls – be creative. Any style and form is possible at Harrison Kitchen and Baths.

Custom Cabinets and Vanities

At, Harrison Kitchens and Baths, we offer and build the best, high-quality custom cabinetry and vanities. You can show us the style and design you want, and we create it by keeping your requirements in mind. You will have several styles and types to choose from for your Kitchen or Bathrooms. We can usually meet or beat any Big Box Cabinet estimates. All Wood Designs!

Custom Countertops

We perform a flawless job on countertops that blends in with your space. Our abilities in providing custom countertops enable effortless coordination to get a lavish style to the surroundings. It can be obtained in multiple colors to coordinate with any style or theme.


Harrison Kitchens and Baths tiles make your surrounding comfortable and stylish. We inspect the area and provide clear options to help you select. Our extensive range of tiles will instantly add fun and functionality to your space.

Hardwood Floors & Carpeting

Hardwood flooring and carpeting bring a stunning look to any space. Hardwood floors elevate the value of your home, and carpeting will make your home comfortable and warm. Harrison Kitchen and Baths guarantees to create a distinctive space that you will love.

Glass Shower Doors

We offer a wide variety of shower doors that come in different sizes, shapes, finishes, etc., we have all the options for you to find a type that fits your needs. You can upgrade your bathroom space with our abundant collection of exceptional glass shower doors.


Whatever size or type of windows you want for your home, Harrison Kitchens and Baths will do professional window work and install any window. You can discuss the specifics of your window installation, and we will fix it for you to improve the energy efficiency of your space.

Interior & Exterior Painting

Harrison Kitchens and Baths’ painters offer visually appealing interior and exterior painting services using durable paints that stand all weather conditions. We will create a look that is welcoming on the outside and pleasant from the inside.

Walls Removed

We can remove or add any wall within your house. Load Bearing Walls are our specialty and we have a lot of happy customers to prove it. Call us today and allow us to open spaces in your home. See more @ Harrison Wall Removal.

Custom Ceiling Beams

We believe that custom ceiling beams are a fantastic investment that provides an exquisite look to your home interiors. They are capable of adding life and character and create a distinct, decorative, and warm look and feel.


Drawers are an essential element of cabinet design and are used as frequently as the cabinets themselves. Therefore, Harrison Kitchens and Baths pay special attention to this aspect and ensure that our drawers are of the same high quality and excellence as our other services.

Closets / Storage Shelving

Closets are not always meant to be stuffy and disorganized. We create cabinets and storage shelving that are bright, spacious, and neat. We, at Harrison Kitchens and Baths, believe that even small spaces can be enhanced with planning and we do the same, giving an organized and tidy look.


Contact us  to see how we can start designing your dream space today.